Aquados Water is one of the Business Ventures of Osun Anglican Diocese Investment Company Limited with RC. 929017. Aquados Water Factory came to existence in November 2010, in the same year we got enlisted by NAFDAC for registration on 24th May 2011 the sachet production section was approved with NAFDAC NO. B1-2297L.

On 31st December, 2011, the Bottle section was approved for the production of 50cl and 75cl with NAFDAC NO: B1-499. The company procured its machines among the best in market for the production of quality water. The company uses a total number of thirteen (13) machines, A Mikano Diesel and Elepaq Petrol generators. It also uses three (3) working vehicles (a Nissan Truck and two Ford Vans for the sales of our product).

All electrical installation and fittings were done with SON approved materials, all plumbing materials and fittings were done with quality SON approved materials. The company was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on 9th December 2010. MAN CAP Certificate of recognition and approval to affix SON Logo on the Company Products was given on 24th November 2010.

The Company maintain a total No. of Twenty (20) Factory workers. This includes an assistant production manager, a production manager, an Account Clerk/Cashier and a General Manager. The Company is governed by a constituted Nine (9) member Board of Directors duly elected by the Diocesan synod of the Diocese of Osun (Anglican Communion). The Lord Bishop of the Diocese is the trustee of the Company.


It was for the benefit of the people for quality drinking water. It was discovered that hygienic water was not close to the people of Osogbo and environs. It took people stress to access quality hygienic water which we thought the church should be able to do as one of her care giving characteristics even when other body fails. We maintain quality hygiene water than any other Water Factory, quality water is one of our aim and pursuit for the masses.

It was necessary to strength the actualization of our humanitarian roles in the society. Aquados Water is one of the fulfilment of our Vision and Mission, create jobs for the masses especially for the Youths. The factory is creating entrepreneurial skill and development for the Youths.

A Unique concept in the World of Drinking water;
It is filtered for purity using highly advanced treatment by reverse Osmosis for a hygienic water.
NAFDAC Accredited.
It is produced in a neat and hygienic environment.
An ideal for human consumption in homes, offices, catteries, and ceremonies.
As the drinking of good water encourages good health AQUADOS will do that for you.
We also blow bottle of different sizes and shapes at a given away price.
We are ready to make your events.

For Booking Please Contact

General Manager
Rev. Canon S.A. Elesho